Friday, June 11, 2010

Dollhouse Episode 1.6: DeWitt Analysis

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Resuming my analysis of Adele DeWitt's outfits, here's episode 6 of Season One (now that I have two full seasons of Dollhouse to go through).

In this episode, DeWitt wears three outfits: a cowl-necked black top with a bright blue pencil skirt; a muted grey jersey wrap dress; and a floral chiffon top with a black pencil skirt.

This was the best full-length shot of this outfit, though it's through the blinds of DeWitt's office. The royal blue skirt has wide bands of black around the waist, almost like a skirt yoke. The top is short-sleeved with a heavy, draped cowl. It also has a dangerously low back (at least, for an office outfit!) and ties with a bow:

Here's a shot that shows the cowl's drapery; the folds fall right into the sleeves.

And another face-on shot:

The black markings on the yoke of the skirt are obscured here, but it appears to be a geometric pattern. DeWitt is also wearing one of her typically understated necklaces.

The second outfit is a very pale grey, almost mauve, jersey wrap-dress. I wish the image were bigger, but she was mostly in close-ups while she was wearing this outfit:

The dress is fairly clingy with a mid-waist tie-belt. Interestingly, the wrap of the bodice isn't a typical diagonal cut -- the overlap curves from the left shoulder across the bust, covering the right breast as well (rather than having the curve come between the breasts, which is much more common for v-cut wrap dresses and tops). This close-up of the bodice shows the cut better:

In the next image, it's clear just how sparsely the dress is cut in the back:

and this shot shows the sleeve length -- the sleeves come nearly to her wrists, but they are a little long to be truly bracelet-length:

The final outfit is similar to ensembles DeWitt has already worn, with a translucent chiffon blouse (probably silk) and a basic black pencil skirt:

She pairs it with yet another simple gold necklace and a narrow black belt. The ruffles at the armsyces also continue along the back of the arm:

A Return!

So, this blog dedicated to fashion and the fabulous Ms. DeWitt has been abandoned until recently. Now that I own both Seasons 1 and 2 of Dollhouse on iTunes, I can make high-quality screencaps. Analysis of Ms. DeWitt's outfits will resume shortly.