Saturday, February 21, 2009


Until last week, I wore six rings all the time, every day -- four on my right hand, two on my left. Then I was looking at my left hand in class (distracted? me? never!) and realized that the cameo ring would look nicer if it didn't have another ring nearby to distract the eye. I'd been approaching my rings as "all the time" jewelry but I realized that I could wear them in turns and swap them out.

Amazing eh? Here I was thinking that buying a ring meant making a life-long commitment to constantly wear it, but that is clearly false. So right now I am wearing only three rings, one on my left hand, two on my right. I feel liberated! Before I wouldn't get new rings very often because "oh, I already have a ring that I wear on my left index finger." Now I can get weird little rings just for parties and whatnot.

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