Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Return

Poor neglected little clothing blog. Something happened, known in most cultures as "the end of the semester and the part where you go on vacation," and along the way, Deep Red Bells lost out.

However! One of my goals (not a resolution, as I am not doing resolutions this year) is to shift my wardrobe to a greater proportion of used/thrifted clothing plus handmade goods -- for the savings, and for the environment. So, hopefully I will able to put together some posts about that.

I did slip up in Brussels where I bought a lovely white lace parasol. It's not exactly seasonal right now (if I carried it outside, it would blend in perfectly with the snow!) but I'm very excited about using it when spring arrives, if it ever does. Pics will be forthcoming once I find a good location.


Anna Kristine said...

Oh dear...isn't it ever so hard to keep up on ones blog when life is busy? I know exactly what you mean.
I'm excited about you new years "plan" ;) I can't wait to see what sort of handmade/thrifted items you come up with! You should check out one of my favorite blogs, The Second Hand Shopper. She's located in England so I love seeing what she finds in her local charity shops. It's always a bit different than what's available in my area. But then...your in France, are you not? So it will be exciting to see what you find! :)
Here's the link if you want to check it out for fun:

Caroline said...

Hello Anna Kristine! Thanks ever so for the blog recommendation -- I like it very much so far. : )

I just went to my local thrift shop earlier this week and found something wonderful...a post is forthcoming!