Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fly Away

When I went to the antique shop to buy ribbon and lace, I couldn't help looking at the other pretties around me. Inside a drawer full of feather arrangements and little felt flowers, I found two wing-like clusters that I knew would be beautiful with some tweaking. One is made of royal blue and deep plum and red feathers, and the other is made of the palest light blue.

The cuffs didn't take up all the lace that I bought, but there isn't enough for a new set of cuffs or anything fairly extensive. Then I looked at the light blue feathers and decided that white lace was just the ticket.

Behold, a new decoration!


I simply wrapped a bit of lace around the base and tacked it down. The feathers are glued (very weakly) to a bit of felt, so I had something to sew it on. In the picture, I don't have it attached to my dress at all -- but I think it would look lovely with a large pearl-headed pin keeping it in place.


Cameron said...

Love it. Your creativity continues to astound me. That is all.


Anna Kristine said...

Oh, that's really quite sweet! What a lovely idea. :)