Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dollhouse Episode 2: DeWitt analysis

Here is the second part of the series on DeWitt's costumes in Dollhouse. In this episode, we see four different outfits, two of which occur in a flashback. The flashback is filmed with a bright haze, so the screenshots didn't come out as well.

The first outfit: a jewel-tone jersey dress with a cross-over bodice, worn with pulled-back hair and another small gold necklace:

A full-length view -- note the gathering at the bustline like the burgundy dress from the first episode:

I like this dress a lot, but if I were to re-create it, I would make the neckline a teensy bit higher (more work appropriate) and length the sleeves to wrist-length. I don't do well with 3/4 length sleeves.

The second outfit is a dress with a cross-over top. I didn't get any screenshots of the full length, but it's a simple shape:

The third is from the flashback. It's a dark navy pencil skirt worn with ANOTHER cross-over top, also sleeveless, but in a brighter blue. Were I to re-create this look, I would probably choose either the exact same colour for the top and skirt or two strongly contrasting colours. The almost-the-same colour combination does not appeal to me.

Here is a full-length view:

A close-up for the bodice:

And an even-closer-up view of the necklace, which I love:

The fourth outfit is much less vibrant than the others, but still very classy.

The blouse is fantastic -- and there's yet another gold necklace:

And here's a full-length view. Love those heels!

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