Sunday, November 23, 2008

In Search of Victorian Elegance

Recently I decided that my newly acquired winter coat needed to be revamped. It's lovely, but I thought it could do with a certain additional air of finesse.

After traipsing to my new favourite antique shop and picking up some lace and green silk velvet ribbon, I also found a lovely little fur collar at my local thrift store (6 euros!) and decided to add ties to it while I was in the sewing mood.

While I sewed the cuffs on securely, I did not cement them on, with the intention that I could re-use the ribbon and lace elsewhere as needed or simply replace the cuffs next year.

I'd love to do some sort of melodramatic photoshoot in Pere-Lachaise to fully showcase the new look, but I'm afraid I don't have any acquaintances here who would be willing to follow me around a cemetery. So, for now, a few basic shots will have to do.

Here the cuffs are pinned and ready!


And here I'm sewing the first cuff. You can see that I arranged it so that the cuff doesn't actually meet at the backseam:


A finished cuff! This picture does a good job of showing the sheen of the ribbon:


Here's the whole coat, plus the collar and its new ribbon ties:


And a look at the collar:


I'm really pleased with these embellishments...and even more excited about taking the coat out on the town!


Anna Kristine said...

I bet you shall feel quite like a princess walking out in this. I LOVE it. :) That ribbon is amazing. Brilliant idea. :)

Caroline said...

Thanks Anna Kristine! I positively *drooled* over the ribbon in the shop...I think many of the selections would make fabulous sashes to wear over a sheer white Regency gown.

All I need now is a horse-drawn carriage to keep me from muddying my boots, and then I will be ready to go out into the world. : )

Mel said...

You crack me up :) and of course I mean that in the best way possible... your coat is lovely and very, VERY you. :)

Cameron said...

Um, I am in love with your "new" coat. Recruit some unsuspecting Frenchman to follow you around the cemetery (or better, local bars/clubs/museums) for that photo shoot you reference. That wasn't a suggestion -- it's an order... GO! What are you waiting for??

kerlaine said...

magnifique! BRAVO