Monday, November 10, 2008

Welcome to my clothing blog!

Greetings! I've started this new blog as a place to examine, discuss, dissect, observe, and comment on clothing. I say "clothing" rather than "fashion" because I don't anticipate spending much time commenting on haute couture, but rather my own clothes, other people's everyday clothes, and vintage/used garments.

Many of the blogs I read are focused on fashion (see the sidebar for my favourites) and I love to turn to them for inspiration or ideas. Thus, I decided to create a home for my reflections and reactions to their outfits and other things I discover.

The blog title comes from the name of one of my favourite songs by Neko Case. I'm inspired also by music -- from the lyrics and the feel of the music -- so it seemed fitting to incorporate that into the name of the blog.

I hope you enjoy reading!


Cameron said...

New blog! New blog! First reader! First reader!

Rhetorical question: Will Caroline reject this post because of excessive exclamation points? Hope not! ;)

Love love love!

andrewhudson said...

good to see your blog. Keep it up.
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