Monday, November 10, 2008

Ravens and masks

Autumn always makes my slightly Goth tendencies come out in full force. While I've never been one to deck out in full gear, eyeliner and tears included, slight elements do appeal.

Through some trawling, I found this brilliant video from Jill Tracy that elegantly captures the right fall spirit.

Silhouettes, castles, and cemeteries aside (all things I find fascinating), one part of the video that enjoyed most was the montage of half-masks. Besides all my imaginings of hosting a masquerade (a dream that will never die), there is an air of mystery and deception that comes with a simple black half-mask (like Zorro, for example). The lovely Emily Martin, of Some Girls Wander, recently paired a black mask with a red dress and it turned out splendidly. While I've read that in the 17th century, some ladies wore black masks on the street as a fashion accessory, I'm not sure how that would be received in a French town in the 21st century. Then again, the blasé attitudes toward people covered in mud might bode well for their tolerance of any other anomalies in appearance.

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